1) Admission

a. The Aspirant shall fill the Application Form which is available in the Website.
b. The criteria for admission shall differ based on the Course.
c. Student ID shall be allocated to every student after admission.
d. Admission shall be effective only after complete payment of prescribed fees.

2). Training

a. Training classes shall be conducted in an online platform.
b. Every student shall be assigned with a Mentor and a course coordinator.
c. The mentor shall conduct contact class; the number of class shall be depending on the course.
d. The Course Material shall be sent to the registered address and email.
e. The Mentor shall fix a time slot for discussion on the queries if any based on the Course needs. f. In case of any emergency, the student shall contact the Course Coordinator via Email or Message and fix a slot with the mentor.


a. Assignment shall be given by the mentors.
b. The students should complete the assignment, only after that assessment will be conducted.

4). Assessment

a. Offline or Online Assessment shall be conducted after completion of all modules.

5). Certificate

a. Certificate shall be given for the students who have cleared the Assessment.

6). Placement Assistance

a. After certification from IIPSINDIA students shall be eligible for the Placement Assistance .
b. Certificate Number is mandate for enrolling this program.
c. IIPSINDIA shall only assist their students in finding the job.
d. Maximum two placement opportunities may be provided by IIPSINDIA.
e. This registration is valid for a period of One year or two placement opportunities whichever is earlier.

7). Miscellaneous

a. These Terms and Conditions of Admission should be read carefully and understood before signing and submitting the application.
b. All students enrolled in programs and courses offered by Indian Institute of Industrial and Professional Studies are subject to the rules of the Institute.
c. Students must assume full responsibility for compliance.
d. Violations of such laws will render the student liable for immediate dismissal from the program.
e. Fees shall be charged as per the discretion of the IIPSINDIA.
f. No portion of such fees so paid or outstanding will be refunded or cancelled not withstanding the subsequent absence, suspension, expulsion, dismissal or withdrawal of the student for any reason.
g. The course fee for the programs offered by IIPSINDIA does not include any other expenditure caused by the student at his personal level.
h. Admission is subject to availability.

Admission Form